Daphne Groeneveld for W Korea | Photo: Greg Kadel 

Failing an assignment by ONE point is probably the most annoying thing ever

Hello dear, just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing well done! I am so definitely following you! Could you please check my fashion website (there is a red link fashiongal in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)
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I’m not falling for your shit I get sent like 10 of these automated messages a day it’s annoying soz

'He forgot about you. Remember that.'
Remember this every day until it sinks in. Keep reminding yourself of this every time you are reminded of him until you realise that you deserved better. You deserve better. Remember that. (via c-oquetry)
'I’m always soft for you, that’s the problem. You could come knocking on my door five years from now and I would open my arms wider and say, ‘Come here, it’s been too long, it felt like home with you.’'
— Azra. T (via asimplelullaby)
The help is a good movie
- asked by Anonymous

thanks love! Have seen it, enjoyed it alot xx



Lindsey looks extra pretty in this one
'A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey
— (via walk-you-home)