My last weekend in New York City

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Kate Moss for CK Jeans in 1997. Photograph by Mario Sorrenti.
'Your name still breaks my heart.'
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Kylie at Justine Sky’s birthday!

Kylie just killin em shes bae
Hi Hannah! Recently started dating a guy. Good chemistry, we've also kissed & held hand while he drives etc. He's even asked me to go with him to future trips & travel together. Mind u, he's in his early 30s & I'm in my early 20s. After the third date, I wasn't sure exactly if he wanted something serious or just a fling, I didn't ask cuz I don't want to pressure him. We act like a couple & I really like him & I can tell he likes me too. He txtd me 3 days in a row after that. Wat do u think?
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Maybe it’s just best to sit down and talk to him and ask him what you both expect from the relationship :)x

I met this guy and we went on a movie date. He sent me dick picks even and told me he loved me. Out of literally nowhere he updated his Facebook status to in a relationship. I hate boys like ugh
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Aw that sucks, some boys are just plain assholes


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crazy images that are actually real im amazed

Bella: “call me📞”